The Best Gift We Can Give To Our Children Is Education

ABCmouse: The Perfect Learning Companion for Your Little Superstar

A strong educational foundation today is necessary for a brighter future tomorrow.

As a parent, the responsibility of building that foundation falls on you. You are the child’s first contact with the world and it is only you who can encourage them to have a healthy relationship with education. It is an intimidating task, but you can turn it into child’s play, literally.

We present to you – ABCmouse.

ABCmouse is one of the best programs for kids in the e-learning space. Created by the industry veteran, Age of learning, ABCmouse is meant for kids of ages 2 to 8 and includes thousands of activities for them to learn from. Nine thousand to be exact!

With over 3 billion activities completed on the program so far, it has definitely found its fans in kids. Children are evidently enjoying learning the “ABCmouse way”.

What’s stopping you from offering this excellent opportunity to your child? Here are some more reasons why you should do it right away.

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Scientifically Designed Activities To Promote Child Development

ABCmouse is the perfect introduction to the world of learning. Kids today are born into technology. They are comfortable with it and actually find it easier to read from a tablet than an actual book. Combining education to an online platform is an addition to make learning more conducive for today’s kids. ABCmouse understands this paradigm shift in the field of education and is designed to fit the needs of a modern student.

If you have kids studying in pre-schools, pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade, then don’t waste time. Introduce your child to this new way of learning. ABCmouse covers a wide variety of subjects, including science, mathematics, social studies, languages, art, health, and music. There is a carefully designed Step by Step learning path that is followed to teach over 850 lessons to the kids.

Created by Experts in Early Child Education

ABCmouse has been created by experts in early child care. Your child is in the right hands. Each and every activity has been carefully designed and created to help your child sharpen their skills. They can grasp better, learn more, and have fun while doing it.

Who are the early child education experts behind ABCmouse? Glad you asked.

  • Dr Rebecca Palacios

Over 20 years of experience in early childhood education and holds a Ph.D. in curriculum development. She is the founder of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and has served in many national level committees related to education.

  • Kimberly Oliver Burnim

10+ years of experience in teaching kindergarten and first grade students. She has been awarded the United States National Teacher of the Year (2006) and featured in Essence (2011) as the “28 Most Influential Black Women”.

  • Stephen M. Tomecek

Executive Director and founder of Science Plus, Inc.

  • Phyllis Baecker

A well-known publisher with decades of experience in publishing children’s books

  • Dr. John Bollard

Master lexicographer

  • Kevin O’Donnell

Impressive experience in children’s entertainment

Makes Learning Fun

Every child is unique and has their own learning style. ABCmouse accommodates every child by following different learning styles. There are audio pages, puzzles, games, artistic activities, and more. The people at ABCmouse like to keep the children interested and excited about learning. Your child gets to create an avatar and learn in a playful manner. ABCmouse has taken care of the smallest of details. The screens are colourful, bright and inviting. They also create custom screens for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, and other holidays.

Parents can also choose the level you want your child to learn at and those preferences can be changed at any time. They are not trying to impose a one size-fits all model. They are letting each child learn at their own pace, making a child confident of their abilities.

It is an Award-Winning Learning System

The user reviews themselves are a testament to the success of the program. Mothers across the globe are prepping their children to get ahead in life by making ABCmouse a part of their early life. No wonder the program has won numerous prestigious awards like the Mom’s Choice Award, the Teachers’ Choice Award, and the Parents’ Choice Award. It’s just that good.

ABCmouse can be accessed on laptops, tablets, and smartphones for an easily affordable subscription fee. You can even get a 30-day free trial of the program. When you witness your child enjoying the learning process, you will want to subscribe instantly.

Give your child the gift of knowledge and watch them succeed in life.

Get 1 year for only $45 - 62% off!

Offer for the President’s Day valid From February 16th through February 19th, 2018

The Full Online Curriculum FOR CHILDREN AGES 2–8
The new way of learning while having fun!


The Best Gift We Can Give To Our Children Is EducationThe Best Gift We Can Give To Our Children Is Education

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